Monday, October 11, 2010

The Week End Review

A week.....end review……. Thursday night, exciting company with my Q’s promiscuous bachelor friend who always has a great story and is ready to tell it…(no matter how cringe worthy). If I knew guys talked that way when I was single I would have sat in my apartment every night, ALONE!!

Friday night, MY company arrives!! My bestie, my fifth sister….Michael…with an M!! Ok, ok…….this is when Q goes into the office and only comes out to eat, he love me, he loves Michael…..but sometimes me and Michael together, all of our witch laughs, inside jokes and gossip is way too much for my mild mannered man.

So from Thursday to Sunday there were belly laughs, a diaper cake, cupcakes, a baby shower, Italian food, fondant disasters, high school yearbooks, gossip, 30 year old virgins, small business website building and LOTS of sangria!

I ended it all with an amazing Oklahoma sunset on the back porch with my Q, Sunday night.

There are few things in this world as breathtaking as Oklahoma sky.

And since I’m a girl and I’m entitled to a few hundred mood changes in my life…..I got crabby and ended the night telling Q to stop trying to cheer me up…….oh to be a woman.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You know that dog food commercial where a young woman and her dog sit peacefully on her yoga mat in the early morning sun, meditating, centering, and bonding. This commercial came to me when I had Yoga time visitors this morning.

Morning Yoga with a side of Sushi…….(yes, I named my cat after my favorite food…..sign of a fatty….right?)

Morning Yoga with a side of Miri……….

                  Morning Yoga with a side of Gladiator fight……..this went terribly wrong….somewhere. 

Sting would be very disappointed.


How To: Homemade Body Scrub

I've been referred to as “Queen of the Coffee Grounds.” Aside from the fact that I consume more coffee than anyone has ever seen, I never really understood why until I had the idea for this next post. One day while I was salvaging left over coffee grounds for my flower beds I thought, what a wonderful body scrub these little things would make. I did some research and found many articles about how coffee grounds fight cellulite…..while I don’t promise that, one thing I have noticed is that it makes a great morning wake up and the best thing is I made it for less than $2 in less than forty-five minutes! I have been scrubbing with coffee grounds for a few weeks now and while it was wonderful, I knew there had to be other elements to mine. So I played around with several things and finally came up with a recipe that was blog worthy and here it is!!........Its good to be Queen………..

  The cast of players include:
Extra virgin olive oil- 2 to 3 Tbs.
Left over coffee grounds- 2to 3 cups
The peel and juice of one to two lemons
A container (for in shower storage or something a little fancier just in case you plan on  
      giving it to someone. I used small glass mason jars for mine)

Over the course of a week or so save your coffee grounds in a plastic storage bag on your cabinet. When you’re ready to make your scrub, line the bottom of a bowl with paper towels and drain any excess moisture from your grounds.

While your grounds are draining squeeze the juice from your lemons into a medium sized bowl making sure there are no seeds. Peel lemons (all you need is the peel), grate lemon peel.

Combine lemon peel and olive oil into the juice, mix. Add coffee grounds, mix until incorporated.

And since we don’t want to waste the parts of the lemon we don’t need, throw em’ in your compost or toss them in your garden.

Lastly, into the container of your choice it goes! Ok, I choose glass jars, if you do this make sure they are sanitized, a run through your dishwasher will do just fine. Fill em’ up and use it in the morning for a nice wake up to your skin…..a nice little good morning, epidermis!...                                                              

Rock that beautiful skin!! (That didn’t cost you a fortune to obtain..)

Friday, October 1, 2010

I realized something today, the weather is getting chilly, the sound of football can be found coming from my television and autumn decorations are everywhere. So it is with a heavy heart that I bid old lady summer, adieu.

You will be missed....