Friday, September 24, 2010

The Smell of Rain and Potato Soup

Ever since I was a little girl rain has always made me want to put on some soup (preferably potato) and clean the house………thank you, mom. In light of the recent diet enforcement around my house I will settling for a nice rainy day salad….Its just not the same and despite the advice of my couch I did clean the house………ok that’s a lie, I shuffled some things around to trick myself into thinking I cleaned and spent most the day on the phone with my best friend, sister and mother talking about weight gain and New Jersey housewife drama. I think its time for new traditions……

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A dollar store coffee cup and inside the mind of…….

......a genius? a tragically hip big sister with a need to laugh at all things? a unapologetically indecisive girlfriend? a somewhat wordy best friend?.........all of those things? First blog post.......this took a lot of thought (and backspacing) until this morning I miraculously came to a very easy conclusion. The introduction to me and the blogging world should not be formal, it should not be life altering, I want blog to like me so I wont talk to too much (we will get into the wonderment of me and my world at a later date) I thought, what should I wear for first blog? how should I do my hair? what sort of witty repartee should I bring to the table in this relationship?..........and here I sit in my cleaning house clothes, hair pulled back and secured with a very second grade picture day-esqe red head band (don’t laugh) drinking out of my favorite coffee mug, its green, most likely from a dollar store and despite the looming crack that I fear will end its life very soon it is one of the things I unapologetically love, isn’t a good life compiled of things you head bands, green coffee cups,  friends and family that just get you,  clean sheets, cupcakes, a man with good facial hair that always seems to smell wonderful.....oh umm....uhhh...there my mind goes. The things we love don’t have to be perfect (they very rarely are) or even pretty but loving something for our very own reasons are what makes life worth living and your very own reasons are just that, yours! Pheeeew! There it is, the ice has been broken, my very first documentation of a thought is out there and for your viewing pleasure.......I understand these thoughts are sporadic and a bit crazy but aren’t we all just a little crazy....?.......yes?