Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Worm

Oh, hello blog, how I have missed you! Just popped in for a quick suggestion, more stories soon....

Ok, I must confess something…..I have an affection for old things, old and tossed aside, especially books. I love to go to the library, go through and find some old really neat book….(and I love love love the way library books smell…..weirdo, I know) So I thought I would share. I, like most of us, read The Shack several years ago and I really liked it, so I went on a quest to find books similar. A very dear older friend of mine gave me, Illusions by Richard Bach, it really is neat, a short read and it came out in 1977 so you can look like a total smarty pants to all your friends….or maybe just someone who is seriously behind….hmm…..Either way, it would be a great winter read. 

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