Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Best Janice Soup.....ever....ever....really, I mean it....ever..

Ok, since I have never in my life met anyone who had a New Years Resolution of gaining weight, I thought you guys might like this. I have recently made a personal decision to transition myself to the raw food diet. I’m very excited for it, but I thought before I do that I may want to detox a little. And as long as I could remember, nothing kicks off a lifestyle change (note we are not using the dreaded D-word) like cabbage soup…….(I’m pausing for your groans)…….I know, I know. But I promise I came up with a great recipe and I am going to share it with you…….don’t you feel special? I have decided not to call it “cabbage soup” because lets be honest, nobody wants to eat that. So in honor of my one and only Cabbage Patch doll, we will be calling this very special soup, Janice Soup. Yes, my Cabbage Patch doll’s name was Janice….as in Joplin. I am who I am.

Janice Soup
1 head fresh cabbage (red or green) chopped into bite sized pieces.
1 bunch broccoli or cauliflower…(red cabbage turns cauliflower purple…its kinda cool)
Half of a white onion chopped
5-7 carrots peeled and diced
5-7 celery stocks chopped
1 C Kidney Beans
1 C Black Eyed Peas
1 C whole Green Beans…(the fresh ones are wonderful and cheap)
1 C Mushrooms
(Don’t forget to wash and scrub all your fresh veggies)

Into your pot pour ¼ a cup of Olive oil and let your onions, celery and carrots get tender, after they are tender pour in the remainder of your fresh veggies. Your pot might look a little over flowy but have no fear it will all cook down. 
3-4 large cubes of chicken or vegetable bullion
1 Tbs of Garlic Powder
1 tbs of Cayenne Pepper
1Tbs Black Pepper
Dash of Sea Salt
5 C Water

Let all ingredients simmer until cabbage is tender. Once cabbage is tender, pour in any canned ingredients and heat the soup throughout. If you like any additional veggies or beans or if your soup needs more of a specific spice, add it. Just watch your salt.  


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