Thursday, January 20, 2011

Come back my dear summer, we have been apart for too long. Today I washed dishes that were not even dirty just to warm my hands up……..ok they might have been dirty and I might have had to do them regardless but I enjoyed it more than usual. I hate dishes, don’t you? Bringing it back to my initial thought…..summer, I miss it, dearly. I am not a winter girl……I’m a cold weather sissy and when your bottom is already slightly big, winter clothes do you no favors.This morning when I woke up the ground was covered with white and the only sounds coming from my TV were news desk people talking about wrecks and not walking with your hands in your pockets on ice........uuuuhg (eye roll). So I have decided to ignore winter weather.....much like a man you didnt want a second date with......if I ignore it, it will go away. I just have to share some summer……….I hope you are enjoying winter more than me but by chance your not, these are for you.

Look at all the flowers!!.....And of course the marvelous Miri!

My all time favorite summer snack.....with a little sea salt, of course.

Picking sand plums for homemade jelly......that I made.

A little piece of our pasture and the pear tree....mid summer.

And an all smiles, slightly sun burned Miri, Me and Pi.
So lets all cling to our snuggies, in front of our fireplaces, drinking hot toddies and pray for the first sign of lovely spring. Hope these pictures helped bring a little sun light to your dreary winter days.

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