Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday Shout-Out.....

Us back in our high school days.
Apparently we did not own tweezers.....
This one is a little late….well because we celebrated it late and I didn’t want to berate you guys with multiple birthday shout outs right out of the gate. This one is to my very best friend….Michael, he turned twenty seven recently and we did it up right!

We have been friends for ten years now…..and miraculously we haven’t aged a day…hmm. He is the very best friend a gal could ask for….he always listens and although more often than not the advice he gives me was already there, sometimes you just need to hear it from your best friend. His brilliantly preformed duties include……listening to me dissect a problem to death, laughing at our countless inside jokes, being there and understanding when very few others are, out drinking me, supporting my hair brained ideas and loving me for all the hot mess that I am.
My dear, you are the Ethel to my Lucy, the Rhoda to my Mary, the Lavern to my Shirley, the Jack to my Karen, the Oprah to my Gayle, the Aurora to my Rosie, the Hillary to my CC………you get the picture.    

Things have certainly improved.....

Looking forward to countless more birthdays until we are drinking cosmos and spreading rumors in the old folks home in Florida.

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